Maintenance Updates released as of July 16th, 2021

A01454 – Defect Fix re; Cost View permission producing Whoops alert in Requisitions.

A01455 – Defect Fix re; PDF reports are not printing in the Company font setting.

A01456 – Defect Fix re; Change Order PDF Project Summary section not populating.

A01457 – Defect Fix re; Jobsite Third Party Expense is not editable on a Rejected Timesheet

A01458 – Defect Fix re; User cannot submit Vendor Invoice when the last Purchase Order Revision Date is after the Vendor Invoice Date.

A01459 – Defect Fix re; Requisition import intelligent sample file no longer populating all fields.

A01460 – Defect Fix re; Error message when running the Project Variance Report.

A01463 – Defect Fix re; Quote display by Project Folder, Task and Resource Class PDF is not including Labor.

A01464 – Defect Fix re; New Custom Rules of Credit Progressing Method not saving when created in the Workpackage.

A01465 – Defect Fix re; Change Order Estimate tab sorted by WBS not the WBS sort order.

A01466 – Defect fix re; incorrect data appearing in Committed Customer Invoice.

A01467 – Defect fix re; Purchase Order control for zero dollar commitment.

A01468 – Defect fix re: Resource Time-phasing in Progress Measurement.

A01469 – Defect fix re: Project Jobsite Timesheet Submitter and Approval status not populating.

A01471 – Defect fix re: Unit Cost not populating on Subcontract PO Form.

A01472 – Defect fix re: Updating Cost Code on a Committed PO not updating the corresponding Accounting Code.

A01473 – Defect fix re: My Approvals Payroll filter not working in Jobsite Approvals.

A01474 – Add Site Foreman column to Business Intelligence and Project detail reports.

A01475 – Added Site Supervisor column to Jobsite > Timesheet tracking grid.

A01476 – Defect fix re: Business Intelligence Labor Summary detail export to excel not exporting.

A01478 – Defect fix re: PO Receipt Purchase Order selection grid PO Amount column not reporting revised amount.

A01479 – Defect fix re: Business Intelligence Labor Summary detail report not displaying all transactions.

A01480 – Update to the WBS (Cost) Custom Templated report dataset, Forecast at Complete – hours field to report Last Submitted Progress Measurement values.

A01481 – Defect fix re: updating the Ship Date in the Purchase order Item allocation grid does not save.

A01482 – Defect fix re: Open Progress Measurement Resource Forecast Budget and Cost are not including data entered on or before PM date.

A01483 – Defect Fix re: Custom Purchase Order Form Designer Other Site Details fields pulling the wrong field data.

A01484 – Addition of Active ‘Roles’ in Business Intelligence and Program All Project Summary – Cost grids.

A01485 – Defect fix re: creating a New Labor Resource in Configuration.

A01486 – Defect fix re: Welcome to 4castplus email is not being sent when the email address is changed.

A01489 – Defect fix re: Base Cost Rate Permission.

A01490 – Alert update when Importing Receipt for a Subcontract in PO Receipt workflow.

A01491 – Defect fix re: Subcontract Base Currency Calculation.

A01492 – Defect fix re: Revenue Summary Report Open Progress Measurement selection not changing the reported figures.

A01493 – Defect fix re: Revenue ETC calculation on an Open Progress Measurement.

A01494 – Addition of ‘Base Cost Rate’ and ‘Total Base Cost’ to the Custom Templated Global Labor resource report.

A01495 – Defect fix re: Notification for misaligned Cost Codes sending when the Cost Codes are aligned.

A01496 – Update to View > Bare Cost Rate permission for Procurement Plus Profiles

A01498 – Defect fix re: overrides on Open Progress Measurement > Forecast Time-phased Overrides not saving when Progress Measurement is Calculated

A01499 – Update to Jobsite Report Designer to provide more line items for display of Project Description.

A01501 – Defect re: Unsubmit of Purchase Order or Subcontract in Jobsite > Receiving does not update the Receipt Status to “Open”

A01502 – “Invoiced” field in the Revenue Summary Report and Customer Cost Report does not include Project Surcharge

A01503 – Defect re: Jobsite > Purchase Order or Subcontract Receipt that is included on a Vendor Invoice can be Unsubmitted and Edited in Timesheet Administration

A01504 – Add Purchase Order date to the Purchase Order List.

A01505 – Defect fix re: Billing Codes for Jobsite Labor, Equipment, and Expense not populating

A01506 – Defect fix re: error creating a New Progress Measurement.

A01507 – Defect fix re: error message when selection is blank for Expediting Ship to Destination.

A01508 – Defect fix re: adding or removing a Resource in a Resource Forecast does not add or remove from the Workpackage.

A01509 – Defect fix re: When Jobsite control selection is Payroll / Non-payroll Jobsite Timesheet is selected, Payroll Jobsite Timesheet Save button is not editable unless Non-Payroll JT is open.

A01510 – Defect Fix re: Updating a Third Party Expense in the JT Non-payroll timesheet in Approvals (as approver) is not updating Jobsite Timesheet Total Cost and Total Billable columns.

A01511 – Defect fix re: Project > Reports > Timesheets > jobsite > Adjustment column not populating.

A01512 – Defect fix re: Billing Code selection in the Jobsite Report Designer > Third Party section not Saving

A01513 – Updated Jobsite Report Designer “Group By” options to include Billing Codes

A01515 – Defect fix re: Purchase Order From Revision Total section is not reporting the correct revision amounts for Fixed Price and T&M Subcontracts.

A01516 – Defect fix re: Custom Reports: Business Intelligence > Dashboard report hours does not agree to the All Project Summary Dashboard Report

A01517 – Defect fix re: Payroll / Non-Payroll Jobsite Submit Preference workflow allowing Site Supervisor to unsubmit from the Jobsite Timesheet after Approval.

A01518 – Update HR Report to include Sick Days.

A01519 – Defect fix re: Jobsite Approvals Non-payroll and Payroll filters not working as expected.

A01520 – Defect fix re: Jobsite Timesheet Approver edits not saving when updated in Approvals.

A01523 – Defect fix re: Approved Jobsite Timesheets can be edited through Jobsite Approval workflow.

A01524 – Update to the Project Visibility Company Preference for Procurement Plus and Finance users.

Known Defects resolved as of July 16th, 2021 (included in next release)

A01461 – Requisition Required at Site field is not displaying the value entered into an open Purchase Order.

A01470 – Duplicate Resource Class can be created by editing an exiting Resource Class.

A01500 – Whoops when generating Progressing> Reports > Time-Phasing Reports (Resource), when Timephasing Start Date does not include Working Days, per Configuration > Organization > Company Profile > Preferences

A01521 – Subcontract and Purchase Order Actuals not reflected in Change Management

A01522 – Approved Equipment, Material and Non-Payroll Labor transactions can be updated on an approved Jobsite Timesheet through Jobsite Timesheet Approvals.




Known Defects as of July 12th, 2021

A01388 – Configuration > Manage Codes & Fields > Procurement > Bid Questions – Duplicated Bid Questions List linked to the original

A01389 – Estimates/Progressing> Purchasing> Purchase Req documents> View Detailed Item Description AND  View  Buyers Comments links broken

A01394 – User can enter Resource Forecast Time-phasing by percentage greater than 100%

A01395 – Project Summary Report Approved Change Order column includes Approved Change Orders dated past the Progress Measurement date

A01396 – Fully Committed Budget Calculation does not include Purchase Order Receipts dated prior to Purchase Order Date

A01397 – Resource Forecast Time-Phasing Override? checkbox is not automatically selected when the Baseline Budget Time-Phasing is manually entered by Amount

A01408 – Rate Type Legend not appearing in Timekeeper when user does not have My Timesheet permission

A01410 – Timekeeper Rate Type not appearing in Labor Rate Type sort order

A01437 – Vendor LEM import does not provide alert when Quantity is 0.

A01488 – Purchase Order does not import successfully when ‘No Reason’ is selected in the Purchase Order Reason drop-down menu.

A01514 – Defect fix re: My Timesheet Rejection comment quantity is including Surcharge quantity.