Maintenance Updates as at November 25th, 2019

Added the following metrics to Project Dashboard: Forecast To Complete (FTC) – Hours; Forecast At Complete (FAC) – Hours; Forecast At Complete (FAC) – Revenue; Forecast Variance At Complete (VAC) – Cost

Bug fix re: Whoops when Duplicating an Estimate

Fixed reporting defect in Business Intelligence > Cost Code Report. Invoiced column was not including Matched Vendor Invoice cost.

Bug fix re: zeroing resource Forecast To Complete (FTC) does not delete the resource forecast time-phasing

Bug fix re: Non-Project Costs Clearing for Jobsite Timesheet on Submit

Bug Fix: Vendor Invoice Matching Billable Adjustments dated outside of the Customer Invoice date range added to the Invoice upon Submit when the original transaction was selected.

Bug fix where Rules of Credit were removed when workpackage is moved within the WBS