Maintenance Updates as at August 9th, 2019

Bug Fix: Update the Jobsite Timesheet Save and Save All workflow to bypass read-only transactions.

Bug Fix – Jobsite Timesheet Daily Log not saved alert popping up when the Timesheet is submitted.

Reporting Update – Update to Project Dashboard to display ETC(Forecasted) and EAC(Forecasted) per the last Submitted Progress Measurement

Behavior Update- Change Workpackage will now allow Workpackage selection when the Workpackage Cost Code is null.

Bug Fix – Jobsite Timesheet Save all throwing Cost Code alert on Vendor Invoiced transactions.  The update bypasses the Cost Code check on Vendor Attested transactions.

Bug Fix – Jobsite LEM Report Total By Workpackage Section Lumping all Unit Progress Billable transactions in one Workpackage.  The update aligns the Billable transactions to the correct Workpackage.

Design Update – Add Loading Icon when Jobsite Timesheet Submit button is clicked

Design Update – Removed display of ‘Calculating Transactions’ alert when Save All is selected.

Design Update: Optimization of the Project Dashboard to improve loading time.

Bug Fix – Purchase Order PDF error message in the Introduction section due to HTML format issue

Bug Fix – Adjustments workflow not updating Customer Code resulting in display of multiple lines (Original, Reversal & Adjustment) on the Jobsite Timesheet LEM Report

Bug Fix – Project Auto-number not numbering correctly when Saving a new Project with -Select Division- as the Division setting.

Behavior Update – Adjustment transactions marked for ‘Recalculate Cost Code’ when Project or Workpackage Change

Behavior Update – Update behavior of the WBS(Cost) Custom Report Dataset > Current Unit Quantity field.  The field will populate with the Baseline Unit Quantity if there isn’t a Committed Change Order.