Maintenance Updates released as of February 17, 2021

Bug Fix – The Custom Dashboard Charts Fully Committed Budget field was misaligned to Vendor Payment Amounts.

Bug Fix – Whoops alert when multiple Third Party Expenses saved at the same time.

Bug Fix –  WBS Import on Cost Projects alerting users of Markup Percentage error.

Calculation Update – Project> Reports> Quick Reports> Project Variance Report> Forecast Quantity field now reflect the Resource Forecast Quantities when the Resource Forecast checkbox is selected.

Update > Add Check and prevent a Change Order to be Committed if there exists both Task and Workpackage level Estimating

Update to Change Management Commit to validate and prevent if Change Order Estimate is not at same estimating level (workpackage or resource) as the Baseline or all other Committed Change Orders. Validate was previously on the Proposed Change Order.

Update to Project Variance Report to include Resources from Forecast that were not included in the Current Budget

Bug fix re: Set Markup/Final Negotiated Price in Estimates not being applied when a workpackage has zero cost and overwritten revenue

Update to precision in the Jobsite Timesheet Billable Bypass Remaining Quantity calculation.

Bug Fix – Calculation update to the Jobsite Timesheet LEM Vendor LEM Report Quantity and Hours field on Billable Workpackages, the Cost and Billable transactions were summing to double the quantity/hours.

Bug Fix – Validation check in Change Management Commit workflow that Workpackage Change Order Estimate is at same level (workpackage or resource) as the Baseline Estimate was User was including Areas and Phases

Update to the Jobsite Timesheet LEM Report Third Party Expense Section, Markup Percent field.   When the ‘Include Adjustment’ toggle is not enabled, the Markup Percent field will populate with the value displayed in the Jobsite Third Party Expense transaction.

Bug Fix – In the Jobsite and Weekly Timesheet Third Party Expense, updating the workpackage to a Workpackage that does not have a Cost Code is causing a ‘Browser did not send over request alert’.

Bug Fix – The Purchase Order Header detail does not align to the select Revision.

Update to API > Customer Invoice & Vendor Invoice to provide ability to filter Invoices by Approved status

Update to Business Intelligence > All Project Summary – Billable and Custom Template Reports > Global > All Project Summary – Billable data set; Add Customer Code fields.

Update to Custom Reports > Project Metrics > Cost Dashboard dataset; Add Current Budget (Revenue)

Update to the Project Variance Report, Change Order column to reflect the Change Order specific to the Workpackage and Resource Class reported in the Current Budget change.

Jobsite Timesheet LEM report > Vendor LEM section > Unit Cost calculation was updated to reflect the Unit Cost of the individual transactions.

Project Dashboard Report ‘Job Report – with Cost’ was updated to include Labor Expenses. (To be released)

Known Defects resolved as of February 17, 2021 (included in next release)

A01390 – Business Intelligence> Finance and HR > Invoice (AR) Export Audit Trail> To Excel – Totals line missing

A01391 – Controlled Requisition and Receiving Documents not routed to Approval Workflow

A01392 – Prevent Commit when Total Cost and/or Revenue is not equal to zero on Imported Budget Transfer

A01398 – Error when Budget Transfer import file in Change Management has invalid WBS #

A01399 – Error received when changing Primary Role in Global Role Assignments

A01400 – Error deleting Vendor Lem Receipt when Items are received across multiple days

A01401 – Labor Resource Class Summary Report > To Excel > produces Whoops error when there is no data in the grid

A01402 – PO Taxes should be editable only when PO Status is Open or In Revising

A01403 – RFQ Summary Total does not update after the RFQ is Issued

A01404 – Bug fix re: filter on Comments column in following reports not working: Project Summary, Requisition Items (Buyer Comments and Detailed item Description fields)

A01405 – Bug fix re: error when Purging Documents

A01406 – Bug fix re: Inactive Rate Types not validated when Timesheets > Third Party Expenses entry Saved

A01411 – Jobsite Timesheet LEM Report is not including Adjustments on ‘New’ Adjustment transactions when Include Adjustment toggle is enabled.

A01412 – Inactive Rate Types included in Jobsite > Vendor LEM Transactions > Rate Types drop-down & Rate Types not displayed in Sort Order

A01413 – Budget in Revising : Estimates not showing up in the Summary

A01414 – Purchase Order Waiting for my Approval> Documents> All Documents should show at all Revisions

A01415 – Purchase Order Total Base CCY in Approvals > Waiting for My Approval is displaying $0.00

A01416 – Budget in Revising : Unit Cost is not calculating, Unit Price calculation is incorrect and Baseline Revenue Estimate is populating when it shouldn’t.

A01417 – Bug fix re: Jobsite > Vendor LEM > Import will allow import of transactions with Inactive Rates

A01418 – The Labor Resources Report does not populate with data when the Labor Resource grid is filtered to only display active labor resources.

A01419 – Jobsite Documents filter by Document Name does not work.

A01420 – Jobsite Vendor LEM Receipts are available for selection in Jobsite Field Receiving.

A01421 – Request for Quote Print Order is not adhering to Order displayed in the User Interface on the first RFQ on a Project.

A01422 – Vendor Document Number is not populating in the Procurement Dashboard Vendor Transaction report.

A01423 – The Resource Type column is populating the Rate Type in the Project > Reports> Project Actuals> Third Party Direct Costs> Export to PDF.

A01426 – In the Business Intelligence > Vendor Report the Vendor Invoice Date and Vendor Invoice # columns are not populating for Vendor Invoice Matching Adjustment transactions.

A01427 – In Timesheet Administration > Timesheet View, sorting any column will update the total line to display ‘Total’ instead of summing the quantities.

A01428 – LEM Transaction Purchase Order Vendors are available for selection in the Jobsite Timesheet Field Receipt Vendor drop-down menu.

A01429 – The Change order # initially selected on a Third Party Expense transaction gets removed when the Timesheet is saved.

A01430 – Business Intelligence Equipment Item Detail Report does not display Equipment Actuals from PO Receipts.

A01431 -Business Intelligence Equipment Item Detail Report export to excel does not align with the User Interface total for Third Party Expenses.

A01432-Business Intelligence Equipment Summary Report Equipment Type is not populating for all Equipment Resources.

A01433-Timesheet Administration Recalculate Max Daily check in not including Adjustment transactions.

A01434 – Resource Forecast Time-phasing does not match the Forecast at Complete when a New Resource Rate is Revised.

A01435 – User is able to select a Labor Expense before selecting a Workpackage.

A01436 – CBS Synchronize is not updating the CBS path name as per WBS.

A01438 – PO Close Adjustment created in error for Vendor LEM Third Party Expense when PO Commitment is equal to PO Incurred Cost

A01440 – Approvals > Timesheet Administration > Edit > Close Timesheet – no alert received when changes are not Saved

A01441 – Update to Jobsite Timesheet Progressing tab to populate the Billable tab on Unit Price Tasks only.

A01442 – Update to Field Receiving in Jobsite Timesheet to prevent Save of entry prior to calculation of Received Amounts

A01443 – Defect fix re: Whoops generated on a Custom Report where the template has a sheet with a Chart and no other content

A01444 – Defect fix re: Delegation of Authority PO Approval is routing to Delegate instead of Primary approver, when Delegate appears first alphabetically.

A01445 – Defect fix re: Business Intelligence > Banked Time Due Date is not based on correct Dates

A01446 – Defect fix re: Permission for “Approve Procurement Exceptions” is not being applied

A01447 – Defect fix re: Jobsite Workpackage Progress Quantity should not be available for Edit when Progress Method is Rules of Credit – Weighted Steps

A01448 – Defect fix re: Overage Quantity allowed to be entered in Jobsite Field Receiving, when “Enter Overage Quantity” permission is disabled.

A01449 – Vendor Invoice # data not populating in Custom Reports > Custom Templated Reports > Global > All Project Detail

A01450 – Update ‘Total Cost’ column header to ‘Actual Cost’ column header on the Project Summary Report Export to Excel to align with the User Interface.

A01451 –  Fixed Price Change Order Revenue on a Time and Materials Workpackage is not included in the Project > Billing > Fixed Price Contract,  Invoice Summary Actual Project Total and Time and Materials Billable value.

A01452 – User cannot delete a Workpackage when there is a budget revision with no budget addition.

A01453 – Defect in calculation of Maintenance costs in Equipment Summary Report.



Known Defects as of February 17, 2021

A01388 – Configuration > Manage Codes & Fields > Procurement > Bid Questions – Duplicated Bid Questions List linked to the original

A01389 – Estimates/Progressing> Purchasing> Purchase Req documents> View Detailed Item Description AND  View  Buyers Comments links broken

A01394 – User can enter Resource Forecast Time-phasing by percentage greater than 100%

A01395 – Project Summary Report Approved Change Order column includes Approved Change Orders dated past the Progress Measurement date

A01396 – Fully Committed Budget Calculation does not include Purchase Order Receipts dated prior to Purchase Order Date

A01397 – Resource Forecast Time-Phasing Override? checkbox is not automatically selected when the Baseline Budget Time-Phasing is manually entered by Amount

A01408 – Rate Type Legend not appearing in Timekeeper when user does not have My Timesheet permission

A01410 – Timekeeper Rate Type not appearing in Labor Rate Type sort order

A01437 – Vendor LEM import does not provide alert when Quantity is 0