Materials, Equipment, Labor and Vendor Databases

4castplus has built-in Materials, Equipment, Labor and Vendor databases to consolidate all the resources utilized on current, past and future projects. Materials management, equipment fleet management, procurement, estimating and benchmark reporting are all brought together into the same place for structure and control.

Resources can be organized into a hierarchy of class and category – or discipline and sub-discipline. Each resource item is packed with key attributes like cost code, serial number (tag number), description, location, etc. Configurable cost rates and billing rates can be setup for each resource and can then be used for estimating, purchasing and tracking. As these are default rates, the user can override them with plug values during estimating or purchasing.

Easy Imports

With easy import capability, users can populate the 4castplus resource databases from their own material lists, equipment lists, vendor lists and labor pool. This makes it simple to get 4castplus customized with client-specific resource data.

Historical Benchmark Reporting

Users can also easily import historical usage data complete with unit rates, quantities, project, location and more. This provides immediate content for key benchmark reports to get average unit rates and quantities over selected time periods. Even without importing historical data, as 4castplus is used, history is accumulated and the data that’s intrinsically captured becomes a corporate asset for future metrics, estimating and benchmarking.

Inventory and Warehousing

As 4castplus has a full procurement management software solution with complete materials and equipment database built-in, inventory and warehousing of project resources is a natural fit. 4castplus enables users to procure to a virtual warehouse and then distribute materials and equipment from there. 4castplus takes care of the logistics and consumption of goods along with the location of all procured items – whether those items are at a project site or at a warehouse.

Having full resource databases connected so deeply with construction management, estimating, procurement and project controls provides a wealth of critical capabilities for the varied team members on a large project. Estimators, cost engineers, project managers, procurement personnel, materials management and all others will realize tremendous benefits from the integrated resources databases in 4castplus.