Propel Your Construction Data Mining Forward with the 4castplus BI Analytics Platform

Visualize your 4castplus Data from PowerBI, Tableau or other Data Analytics Solution

The 4castplus BI Analytics platform is a powerful and easy way to extend your construction analytics by mining 4castplus data using your favorite data analytics and visualization solution. 

While 4castplus delivers powerful dashboards, reporting and analytics tools built-into the system, we recognize that there are tools on the market that can achieve limitless possibilities with how corporate information can be visualized. Additionally, by delivering 4castplus data in this way, our clients can combine information from multiple solution platforms to achieve a much more holistic view on all their data across the enterprise.  Attach your favorite BI tool or data warehouse application to build your own analytics dashboards & reports, or merge 4castplus data with other enterprise data for a full corporate view.

Construction Analytics

Most construction businesses recognize that they need current, accurate and complete information to stay competitive. Further, they are becoming more aware of the role that construction analytics plays in making swift and informed decisions to maximize profitability.  Your construction data should not be left isolated in a spreadsheet on a shared drive where it provides no value – it should be elevated to the level of a critical corporate asset.  An asset that can be accessed by multiple team members to evaluate the present, learn from the past and to predict the future. 

With the combination of the powerful data collection, project management tools, construction tools, dashboards and analytics already present in 4castplus – along with the extensions available by attaching PowerBI – our clients are empowered with boundless ways to report, pivot, probe, drill-down and mine their data. 

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