Purchase Order Management for Major Construction Projects

4castplus enables your buyer team to efficiently create and issue Purchase Orders and Subcontracts in an easy-to-use interface. Stay on top of everything with powerful and configurable dashboards & reports that give the full picture at a glance.

4castplus delivers the tools, processes and reporting to empower your procurement staff to efficiently manage the full procurement lifecycle in a team platform.

Aim High and Deliver Results

4castplus has a very powerful and easy system for creating and committing purchase orders. It’s packed with features to efficiently create, commit, track and manage purchase orders and subcontracts.  So many built-in intelligence features to make the buyer’s life easy and productive. It’s all nicely organized, configurable and all in one place.

Watch this video

purchase order 3-way match

Watch this video on how purchase orders in 4castplus flow through the full 3-way match. From Commitment to Received to Invoiced, along with all the approvals, documents, accrual reporting and collaboration. This will give you a glimpse into some of the workings of 4castplus procurement.

Revisions and Change Orders

4castplus provides a full suite of tools for managing ongoing changes to the project and to the purchase order contracts. Even when an item is fully or partially received, it can still be revised to add or reduce quantity or amounts. 4castplus keeps full financial control over all revisions.  Any scope changes to the project budget can be carried through to changes to contracts or purchases.

Read this article on the difference between a Change Order and a Purchase Order Contract Revision

Sole-Source or Award from RFQ

As a full-lifecycle procurement solution, 4castplus provides flexible workflows for how items or services are committed onto purchase orders and contracts. This includes the option of sole-sourcing direct to a known vendor, or Awarding an RFQ/RFP to one or more vendors.

Cash Flow Planning

Take advantage of 4castplus powerful Cash Flow planning and reporting by utilizing the time-phasing and cash flow event planning. You can setup common events like: Retainage, Advance Payments, Progress Claims, etc. to map out the anticipated cash flow of all your contracts and purchase orders.

Reporting and Dashboards

You’ll save critical time with the many one-click reports provided out-of-the-box. 4castplus comes equipped with powerful reporting tools for custom reports, ad-hoc reports and pre-canned reports for you to choose from.

More Key Features

  • Procurement Planning

  • Document Management

  • Design your own Purchase Order – configure one or more PO forms tailored to your unique needs

  • Resource Libraries for Standards

  • Multi-Currency

  • Vendor Invoice Matching and Approvals

  • Multiple Contract Type Support – T&M, Fixed Price, Unit Price

  • Configurable Contract Templates

  • Robust Cost Code Management

Find Out More

We’d love to talk to you more about how 4castplus can make your job as a procurement professional easier and more fun. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals & objectives.