Simplify Your RFQ Bid Management

4castplus Bid Management software lets your lean procurement team can do the work of many. The system does much of the heavy-lifting so that your Buyers can focus on ensuring contracts get awarded to the right bidders. 4castplus delivers the tools, processes and reporting to empower your procurement staff to efficiently manage the full Request for Proposal lifecycle.

Your job is made even easier and more secure with the 4castplus Vendor Portal to manage the communication and document exchange of a complex bidding process.

Efficiency and Productivity

4castplus enables you to consolidate and ease the effort of the bidding process while giving your contractors and suppliers clear visibility into the process and required actions. You can create and issue Requests for Quote in an easy-to-use interface, then leverage the system to help you manage the documents, communication and award process. Put an end to all the manual steps and simplify the entire workflow.

Vendor Portal for Bid Management

Eliminate emails and manual effort by taking advantage of the 4castplus RFQ Vendor Portal to help manage the entire bidding lifecycle. Issue your bids through the portal where Vendors can securely login and download documents, interact with the buyers, submit their bids and more.

Bid Evaluation and Award

4castplus provides powerful tools for commercial bid evaluation to objectively and accurately determine the most competitive bid. Buyers can then go on to easily award the contract or purchase to one or more bidders. A one-click workflow enables a seamless transition from RFQ to purchase order.

Reporting and Dashboards

You’ll save critical time with the many one-click reports provided out-of-the-box. 4castplus comes equipped with powerful reporting tools for custom reports, ad-hoc reports and pre-canned reports for you to choose from.

Have a look at the following brief video to get a glimpse into creating and issuing RFQs in 4castplus:


More Key Features

  • Procurement Planning

  • Document Management

  • Award-To-PO

  • Multi-Currency

  • Vendor Database

  • Multiple Contract Type Support

  • Configurable Contract Templates

  • Robust Cost Code Management

Find Out More

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