An All-In-One Project Controls Software Platform

4castplus simplifies the complexity of being a project controls professional. It provides rich and powerful tools to enable you to analyze the current, learn from the past and predict project outcomes well in advance. With multiple forecasting methods, time-phased planning, EVM, and a wealth of reporting options, you’ll have the critical tools to get you out of spreadsheets and into a real solution.

Automated Budget vs. Actual Reporting

4castplus Project Controls Software provides real-time budget versus actual reporting for project Cost, Revenue and Labor Hours. Compare budget and actual at many levels, including: Project, Phase, Activity, Cost Code, Contract or Resource.  Save critical time and make quick decisions with the real-time cost tracking that’s built right into 4castplus. You’ll have up to the minute cost information to know exactly when things are not going to plan.

Time-Phased Budgeting and Timeline Reporting

All budgets are time-phased to the schedule in 4castplus.  You can additionally enter your own time-phased algorithms at any level of the budget: including workpackage and resource. This enables you to produce elegant timeline reports for S-Curves, Resource Forecasts and much more.

Reporting and Dashboards

You’ll save an enormous amount of time with the many one-click reports. 4castplus comes equipped with powerful reporting tools for custom reports, ad-hoc reports and pre-canned reports for you to choose from.

Automated Progress Measurements

Streamline the process of measuring progress on your projects, yet maintain the credibility and accuracy of the progress values. 4castplus Project Controls Software provides you multiple methods for progress measurement including: Rules of Credit, Weighted Steps, Key Quantities, Value of Work Done, Schedule and Bare Entry.


Earned Value Management metrics are automatically calculated and stored for each iterative progress measurement. Evaluate timeline trends in key metrics like CPI, SPI, ETC, EAC and Percent Complete at all levels of the project. 4castplus calculates unique EVM metrics for Cost, Revenue and Labor hours to give you full perspective on your project health.

Cost Code Management

4castplus provides flexible and powerful management of project and resource cost codes. You can design your standard project Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) to split the project budget into granular cost buckets for more careful management and control of project cost, revenue, hours and progress.

Cost codes can be based on your standard code of accounts; and can include your own custom code elements that map to your accounting system’s GL codes.  The CBS can also be easily aligned with the work breakdown structure (WBS) for simplified hierarchical reporting.  To learn more on aligning the CBS with the WBS in 4castplus, check out this article and video.

More Key Features

  • Powerful Cost Code Management

  • Resource Forecasting. More on resource forecasting here.

  • CPI Forecasts. Read more about CPI Forecasts here.

  • Change Order Management. Read more about Change Orders here.

  • Integration with P6 and MS Project

  • Manpower Loading Reports

  • Resource Calendars

  • Period Reporting

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