Welcome to Real-Time Project Visibility

A project manager relies on good information and the right tools to keep projects on track. It’s time to get free from using spreadsheets and data that’s weeks late and full of mistakes.  4castplus delivers accurate, timely and complete information to you in a powerful suite of project management tools to streamline everything you do.

Monitor Vendor Performance

Knowing which subcontractors keeping pace, and which are falling behind is crucial to your ability to hit your budget and schedule targets.  4castplus brings you intimate knowledge of all your supplier and subcontractor progress, costs, activities, accruals and key productivity metrics. Sometimes you have to make tough calls, and 4castplus brings you the key data to pinpoint any vendors at risk of jeopardizing your project.

Dashboards and Reporting

Running multiple projects at once can throw a blinding amount of chaos your way. You need to make decisions quickly and take corrective action in a heartbeat. Fortunately, the 4castplus suite of customizable dashboards, customizable reports and ad-hoc reporting modules give you immediate answers to the “What do I need to do right now” questions.

Bring the Jobsite Closer to You

The 4castplus jobsite tracking modules provide daily updates of cost, billings, activities, progress, documents, daily log, weather and much more to your fingertips. You have full control of who has access to what on your project, along with approvals, change orders, document control, etc. to keep a steady hand on the pulse.

Program Management

Manage your portfolio of projects as a Program or even a hierarchy of Programs. 4castplus gives you a broad range of views to report on your projects at a multitude of levels.

Find Out More

We’d love to talk to you more about how 4castplus can make your job as a Project Manager easier and more fun. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals & objectives.