Streamline Your Billing Process

We help you minimize the costs of making money.  Whether you perform Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost-Plus or Unit Price billing – or a mix of any of them – having all your revenue-generating information consolidated in a single repository to prepare your customer invoices can increase your efficiency by over 23%.

Be Lean and Mean

4castplus provides a single entry point for all your billable project information. This can be from timesheets, from the Jobsite, from contractors, suppliers, and other billable expenses.  All this information is automatically validated by the system for accuracy and completeness. In addition to transactional information, 4castplus also captures invoicing backup data such as: documents, scanned receipts, rates, budget and more. All this invoicing data is housed in a centralized secure location so the job of your AR personnel is significantly streamlined. 4castplus provides powerful invoicing and financial controls logic to simplify the job of invoice preparation.

Accounting automation

Accounts Receivable Automation

Accurate, Complete and Timely

4castplus is designed to ensure your AR department is working with high-quality information to prepare invoices. This alone accounts for not just a critical productivity increase – it also guarantees that no billings are lost!  Get the complete picture of your billed revenue, unbilled revenue and cash flow projections with 4castplus.

Integration with Your Financial ERP

Whether you choose to issue your invoices directly from 4castplus, or to synchronize AR data with your accounting system to perform invoicing there, is entirely up to your preferred business process.  The great advantage that 4castplus brings is in its ability to collect and control the required billable information to smooth the effort of accounts receivable.  4castplus provides key tools for integrating this data with your accounting system.

Further ways 4castplus can Streamline Accounts Receivable

Especially designed for construction and engineering projects, 4castplus delivers a wide variety of productivity tools that reduce the effort required by AR. Including:

  • Surcharges and Discounts. You can pre-define standard surcharges and/or discounts and have the system automatically manage which transactions or items are applicable for which.
  • 4castplus provides a powerful Adjustments module that enables AR to perform auditable adjustments on transactions.
  • Multiple and Mixed Billing Methods. With 4castplus, you can setup your projects to be billed on one or more billing methods including: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus and Unit Price – or a mix of each. The system auto-manages the estimating, tracking and billing for you.
  • Powerful Rates Management
  • Funding Plan and Holdbacks
  • Period Draw
  • Powerful and flexible coding for customer-specific charge codes