Some Tips on Rates Management in 4castplus

Most organizations that utilize a lot of labor resources for their projects will face tremendous complexity in managing the cost and billing rates used when estimating and tracking time. Especially in construction where there are many different disciplines, shifts, contracts, collective agreements, etc. that can determine which rate to use, it can be a bewildering challenge to manage. 4castplus provides you the ability to preconfigure very complex cost and billing rates scenarios to fit every situation you may come across. The nice thing about preconfiguring rates, is that, first of all, you can standardize the rates; and second, you can simplify time tracking since the system will automatically pick the correct rate, alleviating your project personnel from the burden of knowing who gets paid what for which situation.

The following brief presentation will walk you through just a few of the rates management features of 4castlpus. Enjoy!


Watch the Video on Rates Management

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