Video: Creating Custom Dashboard Reports

The 4castplus customizable dashboards have become an indispensable tool to enhance data visualization and tailor users’ data requirements to fit their ongoing needs.  Dashboards streamline access to relevant information and provide scalability and adaptability.  Whether in business intelligence, project management or overall analytics of construction project data, the 4castplus customizable dashboards empower users to harness the power of data to make informed decisions effectively. Embracing dashboards has been a game-changer for individuals, teams and whole organizations striving for increased productivity, efficiency and successful project delivery.

Customizable dashboards empower each user to design a personalized interface that aligns with their unique requirements. Users can prioritize important metrics and data sources, eliminating the noise and focusing on critical insights. By customizing their dashboards, users can create shortcuts to frequently accessed reports, data visualizations, and access to real-time data updates, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

The video below shows how 4castplus users can create their own dashboard reports by simply selecting the data elements from one of many available datasets.  In this example we chose a ‘Global’ dataset to demonstrate how users can compare and analyze multiple projects together in one report.  It shows how users can further mine the data in the report to zero-in on the key metrics desired for any situation. The example in this case uses currently active projects that have a cost performance index (CPI) less than 1.  CPI is a standard EVM metric that indicates the performance and health of a project. CPI less than 1 means the project is underperforming against original plan.

The video also shows how users can group, sort, filter and further arrange the report – after which it can be exported to a formatted Excel report. These global dashboards can also be enabled on the Executive Dashboard in 4castplus – which is a specialized reporting area intended for high-level reporting across projects, divisions, customers, industries, etc.

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