4castplus Software Upgrade June 2019

4castplus Upgrade

March 21st, 2020

This is the R1, 2020 Release of 4castplus.

This upgrade of 4castplus contains important new features and enhanced capabilities driven by client feedback and core infrastructure improvements.

  • New Jobsite Dashboard for flexible reporting for field personnel
  • New ability to create multiple cost rate tables to enable unique cost rates for each project
  • New ability to override the billing type for a change order
  • New ability to restrict workpackages to specific resource types for tracking
  • A more streamlined solution for Purchase Order Close
  • Several new out-of-the-box reports, charts and reporting dataset

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1) Cost Rates Management

1.1 New Ability to Create Multiple Cost Rate Tables

You can now configure multiple cost rate tables, and apply one or more to a project.  This means you can have a set of unique cost rates for each project as needed. You can also set the “Effective Date” of a cost rate table so that a rate table will take effect on some future date; and the system will automatically flip over to the new rates on that date. This will apply for both Estimating as well as timesheet cost tracking.

2) Projects

2.1 New: Apply Resource-Type Permissions to Workpackages

Users can now specify which resource types are permitted to track against a workpackage.  If, for example, you only want Labor to be tracked against a particular workpackage, you can indicate that constraint as part of the workpackage definition. Similarly with equipment, materials, services, etc. You can specify more than one resource type per workpackage.

You can set this constraint on the workpackage, or you can also apply this setting in bulk to multiple workpackages at the same time.

2.2 Extension to “Display on Timesheets” to include Jobsite

Users can now specify which workpackages should be visible on weekly timesheets separate from which should be visible on the Jobsite.  There may be cases where you want to enable timesheet tracking on a weekly timesheet, but not on the Jobsite, and vice versa.

2.3 Bulk-Download of Project Documents

It is now much easier and more streamlined to download multiple documents in a single click. The Project Documents area now has a bulk download feature, that allows users to select multiple documents (via checkboxes) and click the “Download Selected Documents” button.

2.4 More Updates and Bug Fixes in Projects

  • Bug fix re: Folder Path of Project not appearing in My Timesheets when Project is Duplicated into a new Folder
  • Bug fix re: error in CBS Import when Phase Cost Code is blank
  • Removed ability to create Project only Labor Resources (Project Contacts) in Projects > Resources
  • Bug fix re: Project Transactions import validating Billing Rate Control inaccurately
  • Addition of alert when Time & Materials project Start Date is prior to the project Billing Table Start Date
  • Addition of alert in Billing AR when date range includes Unsubmitted Vendor Invoice Matching Billable Adjustments and update of alert in Billing AR when date range includes Unsubmitted Timesheet transactions

3) Change Order Management

3.1 Override Billing Type on a Change Order

Users can now set a unique billing type on a change order. This is useful in situations where you may be billing the client on, for example, a Fixed Price contract, but want to bill on a Time & Materials basis for extensions in scope.  With this upgrade, you don’t need to create a new workpackage (task) for the extended scope – you can use the same workpackages, but bill out the change order portion of those workpackages using a different billing model.

3.2 More Updates to Change Order Management

  • Added Revenue fields in Estimate & Change Estimate Import for Time & Materials, Cost Plus and Fixed Price workpackages.
  • Updated to allow Budget Transfer on project where Labor & Equipment Resource Class estimate approach used
  • Updated Change Management Report to include Division and Business Dimension

4) Procurement and Subcontracts

4.1 Purchase Order “Close”

Procurement users can now take advantage of the more streamlined capability to close a purchase order. This new feature automates the closeout of a committed purchase order. By clicking on the close option, the system will perform the following:

  • Fully Committed Budget will be updated for any outstanding commitment amounts that have not been incurred upon Close
  • These outstanding commitments will be tracked as a purchase order close Adjustment
  • The system will auto-submit any open purchase order receipts
  • The system will disallow any future receipts from being entered against the purchase order
  • The Purchase Order Progress field will be updated to reflect a status of “Closed”

4.2 More Enhancements and Bug Fixes in Procurement

  • Added new Change Order Number field in Purchase Requisition detail. This shows the associated change order for any purchase order line item, if applicable.
  • Added Edit capability to the Vendor Log in Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Bug fix re: Purchase Requisition Import not updating Open Requisition Items
  • Bug fix re: Purchase Requisition / RFQ Cost Code not saving after updating
  • Bug fix re: Purchase Recalculate Cost Code failing to update PO Item Cost Codes after being updated in WBS
  • Bug fix re: Evaluation Comments in RFQ not available for Edit
  • Bug fix re: RFQ screen not refreshing when switching between RFQ’s
  • Bug fix re: unable to Issue RFQ to additional vendors when Issue Date was before the Bid Extension Date
  • Bug fix re: RFQ > Unsubmit Bid for a vendor cleared the Vendor Bid Totals from the grid for other Vendor submitted bids.
  • Bug fix re: Able to Save a Purchase Order with an Exchange Rate different than 1.000 when Purchase Order is in same Currency as Project
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Detailed Item Description is not displaying in the PO Line Item until grid is refreshed
  • Update to Receiving Import to allow for import of file with content on additional tabs and/or columns not required by Import
  • Bug fix re: Field Receipt Date from Jobsite appearing as one day later in Procurement Receiving

5) Jobsite

5.1 Jobsite Dashboard

The 4castplus Jobsite module now has its own configurable dashboard. Your jobsite field personnel can now have access to a vast array of built-in reports and charts; along with your customized reports and charts.  They also have access to the Project Metrics panel to get key cost, revenue and hours indicators in real-time.  Administrators can configure a Jobsite Layout which determines which reports and metrics field personnel get access to.

5.2 Jobsite Dashboard Layout

As a supporting module to the new Jobsite Dashboard, users can also create a “Layout” for the jobsite dashboard. A layout enables administrators or project managers to configure which reports, charts and metrics are available as part of the jobsite dashboard.

5.3 Jobsite Documents for Construction Management

For additional construction management features, 4castplus now enables Project managers to push documents – such as Drawings – to the Jobsite.  This provides field personnel with access to the latest revisions of drawings or other critical construction documents.  The Documents sub-tab of the Jobsite module is now split into further sub tabs: Uploads and Downloads. Uploads is for the field personnel to upload documents such as field reports, photos, etc. The new “Downloads” area is for field staff to download project documents put there by the office project management staff.

5.4 Link Equipment Items to Vendor

In the Jobsite LEM Timesheet area, field users can now associate an equipment item to a specific vendor. Once the equipment has been put onto the timesheet, select the checkbox and click the “Select Vendor” button to choose the associate the transaction to a vendor.

5.5 Enhancements to Jobsite Report Designer

The Jobsite Report Designer now has 4 new fields to use on your field LEM reports:

  1. Header: Project Start Date, Master Estimate Name, Current Estimate (Cost), Fully Committed Budget, Actuals (Cost) (Tesc, Razor), Site Details, Project Profile Custom Properties
  2. All Resource Type Sections: Cost Code String, Cost Code Elements
  3. Equipment Section: Vendor Name, Contractor Labor Name
  4. Summary: Current Budget by Cost Code

5.6 More Enhancements and Bug Fixes in the Jobsite Module

  • Update to Grouping in LEM tab to allow users to select their own groupings (previously was a default grouping by Resource Type
  • Update to Jobsite Report filter to exclude 0.00 Cost transactions when Cost is not included in the report design
  • Update to Jobsite Report > PDF launch to add Change Order filter
  • Update to alert when user imports a new Vendor LEM Labor Resource
  • Updated Unsubmit behavior to allow un-submission of Jobsites where an Approval workflow is not enabled
  • Bug fix re: Third Party Expense Costs blanking and Non-project Cost selection not saving when Is Maintenance checkbox unchecked
  • Bug fix re: Vendor LEM Import creating Resources with Is Procurement selected
  • Bug fix re: Jobsite Report merging Field Receipts from same Vendor and not displaying separately
  • Bug fix re: Resource Class that has been unassigned in Labor Profile is still available for selection in the Jobsite

6) Reporting

5.1 Project Reporting

5.1.1 New! Labor Resource Class Summary Report

  • Labor Resource Class Summary Report found in Reports > Resource. This report allows you to report on data at any level in your Labor database as well as filter data by Workpackage(s), Resource class (es), or Cost Code(s).

5.1.2 More Project Reporting Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added Percent Work Complete (Open) to the EVM Metrics on the Project and Jobsite Dashboards
  • Updated Project Summary Report to include totals for Hours
  • Updated Cost Code Report to include Hours metrics
  • Updated Project Variance Report.  The two Variance Reports (Summary and Detail) have now been merged into one Report, with additional data fields added.
  • Added Loading icons to Timeline Reports > Time-phased Project Cashflow and Earned Value S-Curve
  • Aligned report output between the Earned Value S-curve system report and Excel report
  • Bug fix re: Jobsite Timesheet # and Vendor Document # from Vendor Matching Adjustment missing in Project Details Report.
  • Bug fix re:  Estimate > Resource Report not populating WBS, Workpackage and Folder
  • Bug fix in Timeline Reports > Time-Phased Project Cashflow re:  Excel Forecast At Complete (FAC) curve display of totals prior to first Forecast period date
  • Bug fix re: Lump Sum Forecast Time-phased by % is missing in Earned Value S-curve, TIme-phased Cashflow and Time-phased Reports

5.2 Custom Reports

5.2.1 New Custom Reporting Dataset: “Project Summary and Detail”

The Project Summary and Detail dataset is an extension of the previously titled “Project Detail” dataset. This extension provides the user with dozens of new data fields representing summary metrics about the project. This dataset is great for producing Dashboard-level reports as on-screen reports, charts, or as templated Excel reports.

5.1.2 More Custom Reporting Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added new Chart to Projects > Dashboard Charts:
    • “Project Hours by Resource Class”
  • Update to all Templated datasets to accommodate row height modifications in templates
  • Added ‘Program’ field to Projects & Global > Dashboard > Project Details datasets
  • Added the following fields to Projects & Global > Templated > Project Details datasets:
    1. Program
    2. Customer Code
  • Added the following fields to Projects > Templated > WBS Cost dataset
    1. Baseline Hours
    2. Earned Hours
    3. Planned Value Hours
    4. Remaining Hours
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Item Description field failing to populate

5.3 Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Updated Executive Dashboard Report alert re: record limit and added ability to generate report in an Excel format for large data report queries
  • Updated Project Reports > Change Management Report to include Division and Business Dimension
  • Updated Project Reports > Cost Code Reports to include Hours metrics
  • Bug fix re: incorrect Vendor Invoice Date and missing data in Resource > Contractor Invoice Report & Supplier Invoice Report
  • Bug fix re: server error received when large transaction dataset is Exported to Excel

7) Estimating, Forecasting and Progress Measurements

7.1 Estimating

  • Bug fix re: updating Estimate Time-phasing with a large decimal Amount is reverting back to % mode on Save

7.2 Forecasting and Progress Measurements

  • Added Loading icon to screen for better communication to user about report loading status
  • Relocated Budget Summary menu item to Reports drop-down
  • Improved usability by highlighting the Calculate button when Resource Forecast is selected, to ensure user is aware of the need to Calculate after Resource Forecast is completed
  • Addition of right-hand scroll bar in Resource > Time-phasing screen
  • Improvement in performance of Save action when enabling Override FTC? and entering FTC value.
  • Update to Progress Measurement Import file to import Forecast to Complete (FTC) values regardless of Percent Complete value
  • Bug fix re: some Rate fields not updating in Resource Forecast > Revise Rates feature

8) Approvals and Administration

  • Updated control in Vendor Invoice Matching to prevent Deletion of Vendor Invoices that had been Adjusted in the Adjustments feature
  • Update to filter in Adjustments to include all Project transactions, regardless of their Project Status
  • Bug fix re: Timesheet Administration > Recalculate Cost Codes not recalculating on Third Party Expenses
  • Bug fix re: transaction created through Adjustments > New feature is available for selection on another Adjustment before being Submitted

9) Configuration

9.1 Cost Rates Management

9.1.1 New: Multiple Cost Rate Tables

Create multiple Cost Rate Tables, with Effective Dates

Assign Cost Rate Table(s) to Projects

Only Rate Types selected for a Cost Rate Table will be displayed in Timesheets. Note: your account will have one Cost Rate Table labelled as Main Cost Rate.  This table will by default be the Cost Rate Table for all projects.

9.1.2 Further Enhancements to Rates Management

  • Defect fix re: Rate Type Sort Order not reflected in Cost Rate Table(s).

9.2 Notification Manager

  • Updated Notification to Project Manager re: misaligned Cost Codes to include Timesheet transactions where the recorded Workpackage Cost Code is different than the WBS Workpackage Cost Code

9.3 Labor Profile

Addition of Effective Date to Labor Profile > Minimum # of Hours to remove retroactive recalculation of Banked Time when Minimum # of Hours updated

  • Update to Resources > Equipment to add status of Owned or Third Party
  • Update to Resources > Services to allow for Service Resource to be made Inactive [Case:5334 Scovan

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com.

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