Let the System do the Heavy Lifting for your Field Staff

More and more contractors are moving forward with the digital transformation of their field data capture. Moving from spreadsheets and paper, to modern field tracking technology – construction contractors are streamlining their business and improving project success.

Field Staff - sized smaller

In a recent webinar called “Eliminate the Chasing Paper Fiasco”, our 4castplus founder shares how 4castplus can streamline the process of field data capture for your jobsite crews. 4castplus allows your teams to offload the heavy lifting of all the mundane and error-prone clerical work to the system so that they can focus simply on the data that needs to be captured. 4castplus can be preconfigured with all the codes and rates and resource assignments and much more so that your field staff needn’t worry about all those details. In addition, 4castplus helps you to:


  • Dramatically reduce the time and complexity for your Site Foremen to enter time for labor, equipment, production quantities, daily log, etc.
  • Delivers field data in real-time to project managers back in the office
  • Provides user-defined reports and dashboards for site personnel to monitor progress and activities
  • Significantly simplifies the payroll process as 4castplus manages all the complexities of labor rates, including union rates, equipment rates, maintenance, and much more.


Watch the webinar here:

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